Although Bulldogs are justly admired for the companionship they provide us, companionship is a two-way street.  In order to deserve companionship, you must be willing to provide it.  If you do not enrich your Bully's life as  much as he enriches yours, you are taking advantage of his good nature.
  Be acquanted with Bulldog history and more importantly be aware of his needs.  You should be aware, for example, that a Bully is no one's first choice for long walks in the summertime.  Bullies are intelligent, but like many intelligent people, they are apt to trust their own intelligence as much as they do yours.  A home with air conditioning is a must, for the fact that your bullies breathing apparutus is the victim of fashion. 
  Some people don't think twice about tying their dog out in  the yard.  Bulldogs are not lawn ornaments.  They should be able to move freely in the cool shade and morning sun. 
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