A Bulldog resembles your gruff-looking aunt or uncle, the one who always seemed to be scowling at you but slipped you some coin when no one was looking.  The grumpy expression, wrinkled face, and bowed legs (the Bulldog's) are popular with advertiers who want to give their products a rugged, imposing image; but inspite of his bale-staring,spike-collar-wearing expression, the Bulldog is a sweetheart, a clown, surprisingly gentle, unshakably loyal, the best friend on four legs that man, woman, child, or marketing department could ever have.
 The Bulldog's easygoing disposition makes him perfectly at home in a small house, apartment, or McMansion.  His gentle nature and his sensitivity to his people's moods also make him an ideal member of any human pack, especially one that includes small children.  What is more, he plays nice with other animals.
  A mature Bulldog-one beyond the age of two-appears to be aware of his own power and, as a result, is self-assured and comfortable his own loose-fitting skin.  He is courageous in the extreme, and his devotion to-and sense of responsibility toward- the members of his family make him protective  of them.  Bulldogs can be formally polite with strangers, and many Bullies prefer the company of people with whom they are familiar.  These traits make the Bulldog an excellent choice for people looking for a family pet and protector.
  Bulldogs can, nevertheless, be stubborn and mischievous.  They are capable of blowing off a command if it conflicts with their agendas.  They also will seek -and demand-the attention they think is due.  In fact, the less attention Bulldogs get, the more inclined they are to amuse themselves, often in ways that are not beneficial to household items or articles of clothing.  The trick is to give the Bulldog the attention he needs while letting him know that you are the boss.  

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