A Bulldog’s Day

As we all know a Bulldog is not an over hyper dog. On top of that they don’t believe that they are the “D” word, as far as they know they are HUMAN. Their mornings can sometimes be a bit slow getting out of YOUR bed.

When you get them arose from all their beauty sleep which we all know they don’t need. They look at you as if “REALLY” you want me up on your time and not mine.

Well she has made it to the door so she can go potty and enjoy the morning sun.

Going for a ride into town is a favorite thing to do for Duchess. She thinks if I’m leaving she should get to go also but she always looks back at me like give me a boost.

They love to interact with each other or anyone that will give them attention. This play time doesn’t last long though because then they think it is nap time AGAIN.

At the end of the day you can guarantee you have had plenty of laughs and entertainment watching them throughout their day.