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Bulldogs in Illinois

For over 20 years, It’s a Bulldog Thing has offered healthy, happy Bulldog puppies from our loving home into yours. Based in Salem, Illinois, we at “It’s a Bulldog Thing” are devoted to the Bulldog breed. We strive to give our English Bulldogs a new home where they will be loved just as much as they are with us.

Here at “It’s a Bulldog Thing”, we adore our Bullies and treat them like family. Caring for and nurturing them has been our passion for the past 20 years. We take great pride in our facilities to provide all of our dogs with a healthy and safe setting.

English Bulldogs are very clever, entertaining, and very loyal. One of their best traits is the love and attention they crave from their owners. We would love to see one of our Bulldog puppies become a new member of your family.

Chris and Tammy Rose
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Capri and Macey are doing what a bulldog does best “sleep”. This is their favorite spot in the house, well except for the air vent. Macy is the mom to our little Capri. Macey is “Queen of the House” and she is now retired. Capri keeps her young and active. I said I was only going to have one pet in my home and now have five. Bulldogs is like a potato chip you can’t stop at one.

Duchess sure is giving Capri a look.  A bulldog has the funniest personality and of course I don’t want to leave out their noises.  They like to stand on the fire place I guess so they are the center of attention as if they need anymore.

The life of a Bully. It doesn’t get any better than this.