Upcoming Litters

We have babies born out of my boy Mobe.  They will be ready to go home toward the end of July 2019.  I am also breeding a couple of my girls in June so those babies would be born in August 2019.  I am excited about these babies cause I am using Rubble and Mobe as the fathers.  
English Bulldogs bring fun, laughter and love into every home they’re a part of from their cherished puppy years into loyal adulthood. Our own past English Bulldog puppies at It’s a Bulldog Thing showed us the signature, heart-stealing charms of the breed and made sure we would always have a lovable Bulldog to complete our home.
From their scrunched faces to their silly smiles, English Bulldogs bring joy and laughter everywhere they go. Our puppy’s days of smelling the flowers, playing in the grass and even taking a nap in the water bowl have given us endless memories and adorable snapshots of what the Bulldog ‘thing’ really is. Distinct intuition, intelligence and irresistible, innocent faces give Bulldog pups a direct line to your heart right from the beginning and always bring happiness into your home.
See the pictures of our past English Bulldog puppies from our Bulldog breeders in St. Louis, Missouri, to see what adorable antics your new friend might be up to.
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