Our Beautiful Female English Bulldogs



Duchess has got the best personality you could ask for.

She is like having an additional child in my home.

Her color is such a deep beautiful red and her weight is 40 lbs.

She is out of Cherokee Legend Heavensent Jacob.


RueRue is such a little lover. Don’t think you will go any where without her by your side.

Her red is deep like her moms Duchess.

We are very proud of her. Her daddy is Kidd and she weighs 39 pds.


Minnie is a sister to Bree and her mom is Duchess.

She is 41 pounds with a beautiful deep red color.


Babe is out of my girl Cheyenne. She is only 39 pounds and very nice conformation.

Her daddy is Kidd.



Belle is out of Sadie and Champion Kidd and her grandpa is Ch Cherokee Legend Rock.

She is a very soloid girl and is only 39 pds.



Mindy has got the sweetest personality and is just a pleaser.

Her weight is 43 pds.

Her Mom is Sadie and her Dad is Redman

Champion Cherokee Rock is her grandpa