Our Past Puppies

The adorable English Bulldog litters and proud parents at It’s a Bulldog Thing all bring special joy into our lives and many others’. Our family tree follows a long line of loving personalities, winning coats and patterns and signature Bulldog strength passed on from each generation of English Bulldog puppies.
Each bulldog is a member of our family, and we strive to give all our pups the distinct care and training they need to be a part of yours as well. Our lively puppies all receive their loyal, gentle dispositions and stout, powerful physiques first from their wonderful parents. Doting mothers and strong fathers give all our puppies the rich, healthy start so they can bounce into a new, happy home. We then give our energetic pups socialization with other dogs, people and animals to bring out the best in the Bulldog breed’s playful, fun-loving personality.
See our English Bulldog litters and English Bulldog puppies for sale in Indiana to find your own lifelong friend and companion.
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